The Westbrook Athletics Boosters have funded or assisted in funding the following projects

Projects since 2020

New Portable Audio PA System - In mid 2020, a new portable audio sound system was purchased with Westbrook Athletic Booster funds in an effort to provide a new sound system for use in large areas. The Boosters working with a grant from the Westbrook Foundation, purchased a state of the art portable Bluetooth sound system in time for the 2020 Fall season

Replacement of the Westbrook logos - Replaced Westbrook logos on all the school signs including a new sign at the end of McVeagh Rd. Thank you to the Westbrook Foundation as this was part of a grant received by the foundation . Pictures --> New Logo Pictures

New Roster Boards in the High Gym - Purchase of new roster boards for the High school gym. The new roster boards include the names, numbers and captions letter (for captains). Each year, the graduating seniors will have their name, number and letter (if captain), removed and given to them as they graduate from Westbrook. Also, each year, the boosters will fund any new names that need to go on the roster boards for the upcoming season. Thank you again to the Westbrook Foundation as this was part of a grant received by the foundation. See Pictures --> Roster Board Pictures

Windscreens - The boosters are using the remainder of the 2020 Westbrook Foundation grant money and put towards the windscreen project for the high school fields. This project is being done in direct coordination and lead from the Westbrook Athletic Department.