Plunger Checklist of things to bring to the plunge

  • Extra clothing to keep warm

  • A plastic bag for wet clothes

  • Cash for food truck and 50/50 raffle

  • Aqua/scuba shoes or an old pair of tennis shoes for going into the water; the sand and bottom of sound can be very cold on bare feet!

  • Clean, dry clothing to wear after your cold dip

  • Hand warmers (Although we will have a firepit and 2 warming tents

  • A backpack to hold your dry clothes!

  • Two towels; one to dry off with and one to stand on

  • A costume, if you’re feeling creative

  • Banners or signs to show your team spirit

  • A dry partner to hold your valuables while you’re in the water

  • Fans to cheer you on!

  • A disposable, waterproof camera that you can carry into the Plunge Zone with you…even if your “handlers” can’t get a close-up of you in the water, ask a fellow Plunger to capture your big moment

  • Any offline donations (cash, check) you’ve collected for your polar efforts for Freezin for the Season!

If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact Ken Brajczewski at 860-575-3253 or email