The Westbrook Athletic  Boosters promotes various types of fundraisers in an effort to help support the student-athletes of Westbrook.  We are always looking for ideas (no matter how crazy they may seem) to raise funds.  Please feel free to send some ideas through our FEEDBACK FORM.

 Fundraisers since 2020

2023 Freezin for the Season - Another amzing plunge event in 2023. It was  cold one with winds howling but with eh help of all our volunteers , we were able to get the covering up and hold down the fort for the day.  It was an amazing griup of volunteers who came out and made the day a success.  We raised over $5200 this year that will be used to support our student athletes.

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2022 Freezin for the Season - What a great success we had for the 1st annual Freezin for the Season plunge.

Thank you to everyone who helped put this together, make the plunge and all those who came out to support the student-athletes as they plunged into the 37 degree waters of Long Island Sound with air temps at 29 degrees.  It was chilly but invigorating and worth it all!  With all our business and plunger donations, we were able to make over $6000 for the athletes.   Planning for next year will start soon so we can make it even better next time.

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Online Apparel  - We launched a 24x7x365 Online store in October 2020 through BSN Sports. We had looked at different options for storefronts and landed on this company.  This store offers a wide variety of clothing and other items that are associated with the Westbrook Knights.  This site also offers many "Flash" sales with huge discounts.  Come check it out, especially if looking for some amazing Westbrook Knights items!    - Always Open

Basketball Foul shot challenge  - This has been done in the past and proven a fun and simple way to raise money for specific areas.  Each basketball team member takes 100 foul-shots and coaches record how many are made. Each player is responsible to raise pledges (by shot or flat amount) as coaches set prizes for certain goals.  This is a fun thing for the athletes to do and it also makes them practice their foul-shots in preparation of the contest - Planning for 2022/2023 season

Car Wash

Fall 2021  - Car wash was a huge success on Sunday October 3rd, 2021 at the Westbrook Town Hall. The Westbrook Athletic Boosters would like to thank everyone who came out to support our student-athletes at out 1st car wash held on Sunday.  The fundraiser was a huge success but could not have been done without help from our student-athletes and some parents who helped throughout the day. Additional thanks go to Caitlin Eichler (Westbrook High School -Dean of Students Activities and Athletics) for contacting coaches and lining up all the student-athletes to work or make signs and the town of Westbrook (Rich Annino – Director of Athletics and Noel Bishop – First Selectman) for allowing us to use their facilities.

I think the best part of the fundraiser was seeing how much fun the kids had.  It was supposed to be shifts (by sport) but ended up with kids just staying through.  At some points we didn’t have enough signs,  sponges or drying rags to support the amount of kids. At the end, the kids were all asking when we can do this again.  Based on that, we have decided to try to do a Spring and Fall car wash going forward.

Thank you ALL for making this fundraiser a great success!

The Westbrook Athletic Boosters

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Spring 2022 -Thank you ALL for making this fundraiser another  great success!

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Fall 2022 -Thank you ALL for making this FALL fundraiser successful

The Westbrook Athletic Boosters- Next one....Spring 2023

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Mask Up For the Knights - This was a sale of multiple styles and sizes of protective masks with the Westbrook Knights logos.  This fundraiser ended up requiring two individual campaigns due to the positive response from the town.  - Closed

Pie Sale - This was a sale of pies around Thanksgiving time.  Pies were supplied at a discounted price  by a Booster member  who worked for a local distributor.  This sale was a "quick" sale as the ordering, delivering and delivery all occurred within a 2 week timeframe of the fundraising idea.  This was great "team" effort and needless to say, a successful fundraiser - Closed

Knights Driveway painting  - Launched in late Fall of 2020, the boosters created a template of the "W" for Westbrook that could be used to paint a couple designs on flat surfaces (primarily aimed at driveways).  Although the idea was for driveways, the word got out and we ended up having a couple basketball courts requesting it.  We are even working with the Daisy Elementary, Westbrook Middle and Westbrook High schools to donate one at each location. We were able to get a few in before the weather go too cold but we are open again for the warmer seasons now.  If interested, please click on the Driveway Form and let us know which design and when a good time to meet would be to discuss exact location.    - Closed
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Pride Slides  - Launched in March of 2021, another quick fundraiser open for 2 weeks ran to sell Westbrook Knights slides.  The sales were low but we believe it was due to the communication in the end.  The possibility of having another campaign is possible as the club evaluates a better communication plan.  Second fundraiser launched on October 27, 2021 adding Black as a color option.- Closed